Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

Chai ya Rooibos

Chai ya Rooibos

1.15 Ounces

Rooibos is gaining in popularity.

It's robust flavor is a great alternative to black and green tea.

This bush is grown in Southern Africa and is caffeine-free.

Rooibos is bold, naturally sweet and rich in antioxidents. Offers a flavor that's rich, warm and spiced. his chai is great hot or iced.

Did we mention it's caffeine-free!

  • Preparation

    Teapot Recommended. Use spring or filtered water. Heat to 195F/90C. Use 5g / 1.5 tsp. of tea for 16 oz. of water.  Steep 5-10 minutes.

    Cold-Brew. Try 4 tsp. of tea  for 32 oz. of water. Add 2 tbsp. of sweetener. Chill in refrigerator for 30 mins allowing the tea to steep.

  • Ingredients

    South African rooibos, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and vanillla